Munising Featured Artist

Jeff Santti

Image Engineer

Artist's Statement

We inhabit a realm where natural beauty and technology exist in harmony. Jeff has consistently harnessed technology to fuel his creative designs. His aspiration has been to leverage technology to highlight the breathtaking beauty of the Upper Peninsula, along with capturing the essence of birds in flight in this magnificent area, where they flourish in their natural habitat.

He has found a technique for transferring images and designs onto aluminum substrates, creating an exceptional range of products that include two-sided, self-standing metal displays. Although this process requires considerable time to produce, the outcome is visually stunning, with colors that appear to leap off the metal surface, offering a unique and captivating visual experience.

Jeff has discovered that transferring images of friends and family onto metal surfaces has captivated his audience. He is now accepting customer-uploaded images to create enduring keepsakes.

Jeff Santti with camera taking photo


Featured Work