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By Jackie Bessner and Stacey Stacey Willey, Inspired Michigan Artisans

Be Inspired UP was Born

We live in a small town in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or the UP for short. People call us YOOPERS, and we LOVE it! Some folks say we have an accent here in the UP.. you’ll have to come visit us to decide for yourself, eh! The beautiful outdoors of the Upper Peninsula, is the inspiration in many of our jewelry pieces!

Jackie has a passion for creativity and a mind that never stops! My friends lovingly call me “Squirrel”! Before most peoples feet hit the floor for the day, you will find me drawing, designing, and reworking an idea to perfection!

Stacey has a background in graphic art and design, and is the driving force that brings our designs to life, bringing love, balance, and energy to her designs!

Come visit us at our little studio and see the creativity in action, we would love to meet you!   We look forward to sharing our joy and inspiring you! ~Jackie & Stacey 

Be Inspired


Featured Work

silver UP, Michigan and Great Lakes pendants
Wood earrings with tree silhouette
bar pendants with UP outline
silver tree silhouette in circle pendant

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